Sheet Metal Apprenticeship

Posted on: March 1, 2021 6 AM

The Chamberlin University sheet metal apprenticeship course is underway in Houston, Texas. Educating team members on safety, technical skills and soft skills empowers them to deliver quality, cost-effective projects that are completed safely and productively. A total of 10 Chamberlin employees will graduate the class. We are proud of the employees for furthering their careers and knowledge.

Chamberlin University Apprentices
Rigoberto Reyes Roger Rayo Helssin Ortiz
Armando Espinal Alex Hernandez Angel Cruz
Roberto Castro Darwin Mora Antonio Colunga
Marlon Flores

The sheet metal course started with instilling the importance of Chamberlin’s values and using them in the job every day. In addition to the basics of sheet metal technology, the sheet metal industry and jobsite safety during week one, the following modules are included:
Flashings   Standing seam
Standard laps   Gutter
Fastening patterns   Downspout
Coping   Comprehensive review
Cleat   Hands-on test
Cover and backup plates   Written test
Screw patterns    

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