Sub-Roofing Systems

Stadiums and entertainment venues are often multilevel concrete structures with multiple expansion and control joints. These joints help the building expand and contract as the building moves over time without causing cracks or failures in the materials. While the joints protect the overall structural components, the sealants in the joints typically only last three to five years. When they fail, the joints allow moisture and spilled liquids to flow between decks and leak onto whatever is below.

In most venues this could include suites, kitchens, concessions, locker rooms, service areas, office space, corridors, electrical/data rooms and janitorial facilities. Often times, the owner does not choose to re-caulk all joints in a stadium at the time of failure. This, in addition to weathered traffic coatings and cracks in the concrete, can lead to water leaks. A sub-roofing system can be the solution. They consist of metal roofing suspended beneath upper deck areas to direct any moisture and liquids to a gutter that drains to a storm system.


Sub-roofing systems are specialty engineered metal panels suspended by rods anchored to the underside of structural members. The sub-roofs are designed to be installed before mechanical, electric, plumbing (MEP), which dictates the weight requirements and anchor pattern in which the rods will be hung, specified by a licensed engineer. The final step is performing a water test to make sure the stystem functions as designed.

As the building settles, it is occasionally necessary to adjust the metal panels in the sub-roof systems. The structure is designed for movement, and stadium/entertainment venues have large amounts of pedestrian traffic on the structure at once sometimes causing significant movement. The sub-roof adjustment is easily done by changing the height of the panels on the rods and usually only has to be done once. After installation, the system is connected to the designed drain system. 

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Chamberlin has extensive experience with sub-roof systems and their applications. We are capable of assisting the design team professionals by determining the proper means and methods of install in a new construction project. Then our team will fully execute the installation while coordinating with the many other trades involved. Since some MEP equipment will need to be suspended below the metal roof, proactive planning and a deep understanding of how the system works is critical to the installation and proper functionality. 

We are proud to be one of only a few companies in the United States who installs sub-roofing systems. Our team has hands-on experience and training in this specific type of system that can be a real game changer for stadium and entertainment venues.

What Our Customers are Saying

Unfortunately, I can only give them 5 stars because that is the limit that Google allows. I have worked with multiple roofing and waterproofing companies in the past and Chamberlin has exceeded expectations by far. The professionalism demonstrated by Tim, Alden, Mark, Jose, Zach, Austin and the rest of the team is top notch. I oversee multiple schools in the DFW area and highly recommend them.

Luis Palma  - Facilities Manager, SSP KIPP Texas Public Schools

I'll certainly use Chamberlin again. They are an excellent trade partner and most importantly do a great job ensuring we have minimal leaks in the building.

Andy Wallin  - Project Manager JE Dunn Construction

Chamberlin's scope was small but had many aspects that required coordination with other trades. The guys in the field and office were great at communication and coordination.

Cameron Shewmaker  - Assistant Superintendent Spawglass

I just wanted to brag on your team for the hard work they have done out here at the Lewisville Multi-Gen Rec Center. For one, you are all very responsive to our phone calls, emails, texts and needs. Not once did I walk the job and see your guys not working. Anything we asked for or any problems we had on our jobsite were quickly taken care of no matter the circumstances.

Colt Steen  - Assistant Superintendent Bryne Construction Services

The project had several unforeseen challenges that were addressed timely and efficiently. Chamberlin is a very knowledgeable company. It was a good experience working with them on this challenging project.

Marcus Sheppard  - Sr. Manager Construction Services Houston ISD

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