The Right Reputation

Nothing is more important to the long-term collective success and the opportunities that can be generated for each and every Chamberlin employee than having the right reputation. The only way to get the right reputation is to go out and earn it each and every day. And how do we earn it? We earn it by keeping our word and doing what we promise to do and then some, by doing what we are contracted to do and then some, by simply being a good, honest, decent company to deal with – a company that can be trusted to do their job and to go the extra mile to do it with a spirit of cooperation and a can-do attitude.

Are we honest in our dealings with our clients? Do we do what we say we will do? Do we follow through? Are we professional and easy to work with? When problems arise, do we work hard to find solutions without being difficult to work with? Do we honor our warranty commitments? Do we take pride in doing a really good job?  Do we go out of our way to handle things our client thinks is important? The answer is yes we do, and we must work hard everyday to continue this commitment. 

Doing what we say we are going to do is the essence of a good reputation...which is the right reputation. 

"When you have a 30-year old building, you run into a lot of unknowns, but I know from experience that Chamberlin stands behind their work, so if there are ever any issues they will take care of them."

Jeff Weeks, Project Manager, Turner Construction Company