Toyota World Headquarters Toyota Courtyard


Toyota first came to America in 1957 on October 31st and developed their first headquarters in Hollywood, California. Two years ago, Toyota Motor Company’s current CEO, Akio Toyoda, unveiled plans to establish the company's new North American headquarters in Plano, which will ultimately bring its 4,000 U.S. employees to a campus-style environment in North Texas.

Chamberlin was selected by general contractor, Austin Commercial, to perform the waterproofing on this expansive campus and began their scope in early December 2015. The current waterproofing scope, consisting of hot fluid applied asphalt waterproofing, water repellents, thermal repellents, air barrier, sheet metal flashing and trim, fire-stopping and joint sealants, is anticipated to take nearly two years to complete and expected to wrap in September 2017. However, the campus continues to grow as construction continues, new buildings still being designed as the campus develops, so there is still much to come.

Toyota officials estimate the One Toyota move, will cost more than $1 billion, which includes developing the multi-building, 100-acre corporate campus and relocating employees from Kentucky, New York and California to North Texas. Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz said as many as 75% of Toyota's existing workforce is expected to relocate to Texas. This means big things for the North Texas market in the years to come.