For companies that claim safety is a priority, Associated Builders & Contractors’ (ABC) Safety Training & Evaluation Process (STEP) can help them prove it; and that is exactly what Chamberlin did again this year. Chamberlin applied for the 2010 Platinum STEP Award this past spring and was recently presented with another year of Platinum status at this year’s awards ceremony in Dallas, Texas. This is Chamberlin’s fourth consecutive year to receive Platinum status.

Chamberlin - 2010 Step award


To achieve ABC’s STEP Platinum award, a company must have a total recordable incident rate of at least 25 percent below specific industry averages for the previous data year, maintain an Experience Modification Rate of 0.800 or below, submit their official U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration Forms 300 and 300A on work-related injuries and illnesses for review and attain a particular STEP self-evaluation score.The self-evaluation scores are determined by general company information, safety performance data, a detailed safety assessment and company management involvement.


STEP was established in 1989 by the ABC National Environment, Health & Safety Committee. The benefit of the program is for both large and small contractors to analyze their safety program each year and develop new ways to improve upon it.

It's safe to say that at Chamberlin we are truly dedicated to providing effective training and a safe workplace on every job we undertake a way of life.