Chamberlin was recently honored with National Roofing Contractors Association’s (NRCA) one and only 2010 Gold Circle Safety Award. The exclusive award was presented to Chamberlin for their roofing work on the Mercantile National Bank building, also known as “The Merc,” in Dallas, Texas. The award recognizes accident-free projects where public protection challenges are in the forefront of the job elements and dominate the scope of work, demanding creative safety solutions and implementation of safety procedures that are uniquely challenging or extensively involve multiple trades.

NRCA & Gold Circle Awards program is an annual tribute to contractors in the roofing industry. The awards program is designed to recognize NRCA members and nominated contractors in the categories of “Outstanding Workmanship,” “Innovative Solutions” for both new construction and reroofing, and “Service to the Community.

Chamberlin was nominated in the “Innovative Solutions: Reroofing” category for their work on The Merc. The structure was built in the 1940s and was the only major skyscraper constructed during World War II, but it was abandoned in 1993. Chamberlin was contracted by Hensel Phelps to perform the roofing restoration portion of the project. As part of the exterior renovation, Chamberlin’s scope of work focused on transforming the roof areas into outdoor terraces to be utilized by the condo owners and retail merchants in the building.

Chamberlin was a finalist in their competition category, but achieved a greater honor by winning the national Gold Circle Award for safety. The Gold Circle Safety Award is not a nomination category but a special honor awarded by the Gold Circle Award judges. Because safety is an integral part of every roofing application, all Gold Circle Award nominations were reviewed for safety preparedness and success, and Chamberlin exceeded the standards.