Chamberlin Worker Uses Controlled Descent Device Training

Chamberlin crew members trained on how to properly use a controlled descent device. Chamberlin Safety Coordinator, Edgar Vilchis, led the training which began with lecture and demonstration training and ended with repeling down the side of the building. Check out this video

Here are a few tips from OSHA on how to ensure that descent control devices have the strength and structural integrity to support employees safely:

1. Train employees in the use of the equipment before it is used.
2. Inspect equipment each day before use.
3. Properly rig the equipment. In all cases use sound anchorages and tiebacks. 
4. Ensure that all lines, connections and anchor points installed are capable of sustaining a minimum of 5,000 pounds.
5. Ensure that ropes are effectively padded where they contact edges of the building, anchorage, obstructions or other surfaces which might cut or weaken the rope.
6. Provide for intermittent stabilization for descent in excess of 130 feet.