Projects in Progress Fall 2018

Posted on: July 23, 2020 7 PM

LBJ Annex Cladding Repair – Austin, TX
Remedial Roofing & Waterproofing
Contract Amount: $800,000 (approx.)
Owner: Texas Facilities Commission
Architect: WJE
General Contractor: Balfour Beatty
Scope of Work: Granite column and parapet demo, epoxy injection, rebar and structural repairs, corrosion inhibiting coatings and galvanic anodes, concrete repairs, granite replacement, stucco demo and replacement, acrylic coating, concrete deck cleaning and sealing, site sealants, sheet metal flashing and trim, installation of modified bituminous roofing, insulation, wood blocking, joint sealants, wet glazing, pre-formed joint sealants and powerwashing
Project Description: Lyndon B. Johnson State Office Annex building

Junior League – Austin, TX 
New Construction Waterproofing 
Contract Amount: $350,000 (approx.)
Owner: Junior League of Austin
Architect: STG Design
General Contractor: HC Beck
Scope of Work: Installation of sheet waterproofing, traffic coatings, water repellents, air barrier, flashing and sheet metal, flexible flashing, joint sealants, site and paving sealants and expansion control
Project Description: Community Impact Center to serve as both a headquarters and a collaboration space for community engagements

University of Texas San Antonio Large Scale Testing Facility – San Antonio, TX
New Construction Waterproofing
Contract Amount: $150,000 (approx.) 
Owner: The University of Texas at San Antonio
Architect: Alamo Architects
General Contractor: Turner Construction      
Scope of Work: Installation of below-grade waterproofing, below-grade term bar, insulation, air barrier, metal flashing, flexible flashing, fire stopping, joint sealants and site sealants
Project Description: Facility with a 40x80 foot reaction floor for testing real-size structural systems and components

University of Houston – Victoria – Student Center & Learning – Victoria, TX
New Construction Waterproofing
Contract Amount: $350,000 (approx.)
Owner: University of Houston
Architect: Gensler
General Contractor: BE&K Building Group      
Scope of Work: Bentonite waterproofing, thermal insulation, air barrier, sheet metal flashing and trim, flexible flashing, joint sealants and site and paving sealants
Project Description: Comprehensive resource center for students

KC – 46A 2-Bay Depot Maintenance Hangar– Oklahoma City, OK
New Construction Waterproofing
Contract Amount: $200,000 (approx.)
Owner: USACE Tulsa District
Architect: Burns & McDonnel
General Contractor: Walsh Federal/Alberici JV      
Scope of Work: Installation of sheet waterproofing, air barrier, firestopping and joint sealants
Project Description: Hangar to house KC-46 Pegasus tanker fleet

Oklahoma State Capitol Windows– Oklahoma City, OK
Remedial Waterproofing
Contract Amount: $200,000 (approx.)
Owner: State of Oklahoma
Architect: Architectural Design Group
General Contractor: JE Dunn       
Scope of Work: Joint sealant replacement
Project Description: Renovation of capitol building that houses the Oklahoma legislative and executive branch offices 

The Village Town Center– Dallas, TX
New Construction Waterproofing
Contract Amount: $5,850,000 (approx.)
Owner: The Village Town Center 
Architect: HKS, Inc.
General Contractor: Manhattan Construction Company 
Scope of Work: Installation of dampproofing, hot-fluid rubberized asphalt waterproofing, sheet waterproofing, fluid-applied waterproofing, traffic coating, air barrier, roof pavers, firestopping, site and paving sealants, joint sealants, sheet metal flashing and trim
Project Description: Mixed-use, 34-acre development including multi-family housing, retail and a hotel

St. Andrews Episcopal Church – Fort Worth, TX
Roof Replacement 
Contract Amount: $400,000 (approx.)
Owner: St. Andrews Episcopal Church
General Contractor: Prim Construction
Scope of Work: Removal of existing roof system and installation of hot modified roofing, TPO roofing system, flashing and sheet metal
Project Description: Gothic Revival church designed by Sanguinet & Staats

Cypress Fairbanks Hospital Roof Replacement – Cypress, TX
Roof Replacement
Contract Amount: $300,000 (approx.)
Owner: HCA Management Services, L.P.
Consultant: RTD Associates 
General Contractor: Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing
Scope of Work: Removal of existing BUR roofing system and installation of base wall and curb flashings, PVC membrane roofing, flashing and sheet metal
Project Description: Medical center providing health care to the Northwest Houston community

Capitol Tower Phase 4 – Houston, TX
New Construction Roofing
Contract Amount: $950,000 (approx.)
Owner: SCD Capitol Tower of Houston, LLC
Architect: Gensler
General Contractor: Skanska
Scope of Work: Installation of cap wall and curb flashings, TPO roofing system, flashing and sheet metal
Project Description: Thirty-five story, mixed-use high-rise

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