Projects in Progress Summer 2017

Posted by on: July 14, 2017 5 AM

Sam Houston State University Thomason Building – Huntsville, TX

Remedial Waterproofing

Contract Amount: $200,000 (approx.)

Owner: Texas State University System

Architect: PBK Architects

General Contractor: SpawGlass

Scope of Work: Brick replacement, tuckpointing, masonry and concrete cleaning, joint sealants, air barrier, flashing

Project Description: Repurpose and renovations to Agricultural Sciences building


Hanover Boulevard Place – Houston, TX 

New Construction Waterproofing

Contract Amount: $1,600,000 (approx.)

Owner: The Hanover Company

Architect: SCB Architects              

General Contractor: Hanover RS Construction

Scope of Work: Waterproofing, expansion joints, firestopping, joint sealants

Project Description: 32-story luxury apartment tower


MD Anderson – League City, TX

New Construction Roofing & Waterproofing 

Contract Amount: $1,700,000 (approx.)

Owner: The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Architect: HDR Architecture, Inc.

General Contractor: Linbeck Group, LLC

Scope of Work: Modified bitumen roof system, sheet metal fabrication and installation, insulation, fluid-applied air barrier, joint sealants

Project Description: 135,000-square-foot outpatient cancer center


Park District – Dallas, TX

New Construction Roofing & Waterproofing 

Contract Amount: $4,000,000 (approx.)

Owner: Trammel Crow

Architect: HKS

General Contractor: Balfour Beatty

Scope of Work: TPO roofing system, flashing, sheet metal, hot fluid-applied rubberized asphalt waterproofing, sheet waterproofing, pre-applied waterproofing, cementitious and reactive waterproofing, traffic coating, air barrier, pavers, firestopping, site and paving sealants, joint sealants and expansion joints

Project Description: Two-tower, mixed-use development with office space, restaurants and residences


Tobin Center Parking Garage – San Antonio, TX

New Construction Waterproofing    

Contract Amount: $550,000 (approx.)

Owner: Tobin Center for the Performing Arts

Architect: MarmonMok

General Contractor: Joeris General Contractors

Scope of Work: Masonry flashing, hot-applied waterproofing, cap sheet waterproofing, crystalline waterproofing, water repellents, air barrier, firestopping, joint sealants, expansion joints

Project Description: Mixed-use parking garage


Austin-Bergstrom International Airport – Austin, TX

Roof Replacement & Remedial Waterproofing

Contract Amount: $6,200,000 (approx.)

Owner: City of Austin

Architect: Gensler

Consultant: Engineered Exteriors, PLLC

General Contractor: Hensel Phelps

Scope of Work: Removal of existing roof and installation of SBS roof system, exterior façade restoration, expansion joints, wet glazing, sheet metal flashing, fluid-applied waterproofing, fluid-applied air barrier, metal panel caulking

Project Description: Airport exterior renovation


Texas State University Health Professions Building – Round Rock, TX 

New Construction Roofing & Waterproofing

Contract Amount: $1,300,000 (approx.)

Owner: Texas State University System

Architect: Barnes, Gromatzky, Kosarek

General Contractor: The Beck Group

Scope of Work: Modified bitumen roofing system, below-grade waterproofing, fluid-applied waterproofing, elevator pit waterproofing, fluid-applied air barrier, expansion joints, insulation, sheet metal fabrication and installation, counterflashing, curb flashing, 

Project Description: College health professions building


Park Hollow – Dallas, TX

Remedial Roofing

Contract Amount: $100,000 (approx.)

Owner: Park Hollow Apartments

General Contractor: Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing

Scope of Work: Installation of new blocking, vapor barrier and coping

Project Description: Roof repairs for luxury multi-family residence


New Braunfels Recreation Center –  New Braunfels, TX  

New Construction Waterproofing 

Contract Amount: $650,000 (approx.)

Owner: City of New Braunfels

Architect: Brinkley Sargent Wiginton Architects

General Contractor: Byrne Construction Services

Scope of Work: Below-grade waterproofing, water repellents, insulation, air barrier, sealants, expansion joints

Project Description: Multi-generational center offering an array of services for the community


Oklahoma State Capital Building  –  Oklahoma City, OK

Remedial Waterproofing   Contract Amount: $800,000 (approx.)

Owner: State of Oklahoma

Architect: ADG, Inc. and Treanor

General Contractor: JE Dunn Construction           

Scope of Work: Injection grouting, sheet waterproofing, concrete patching, joint sealants, fluid-applied waterproofing, elastomeric coating and expansion joints

Project Description: Renovation of capital building that houses the 

Oklahoma Legislature and executive branch offices