Employee Profile - Andy Wharton

Posted by on: April 25, 2016 5 AM


      • Andy Wharton

      • Vice President- General Manager

      • Dallas, TX & Oklahoma, OK

An Aggie through and through, Andy graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Architecture. In an effort to put his education to good use, he sought out a job in the A/E/C industry. On a road trip to Dallas after graduation, Andy discovered a job opening at Chamberlin, applied and was brought on as a project manager in the Waterproofing & Caulking Department. Andy has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the waterproofing field over the past 11 years, working on notable projects like Baylor McLane Stadium and Parkland Hospital. He progressed to senior project manager and now oversees waterproofing and caulking operations for Chamberlin’s North Texas and Oklahoma markets as a vice president.

A Day in the Life:
The one thing Andy can count on doing every day is problem solving. His work takes him from the office to jobsites to clients’ offices to suppliers – you name it – but wherever he is, he is solving problems. Andy works hard to anticipate Chamberlin’s clients’ needs, communicate those needs clearly with his team and find a solution that is right for the client. Whether it be in person or over the phone, he works meticulously to ensure all work is being done safely, correctly and as productively as possible. Andy appreciates the opportunities his job provides for continued learning and training. His door is always open to all of his employees, and he ensures they have the tools and knowledge they need to get their job done right. He is happiest when he and his team do their best and succeed in making a project easier for the client. He considers his greatest accomplishment at Chamberlin to be helping others succeed.

Andy knows that without a high level of customer service, we won’t have customers. And without customers, we won’t have work. Andy strives to develop a good, honest relationship with every client he encounters, listening to their needs and providing a team approach to executing their project successfully. He believes productivity is a product of being safe and doing a quality job as a team. But above all, safety is most important. Getting our employees - and the employees of the trades we work around – home safely every day is his top priority. He drives this mindset down through his team at Chamberlin, making sure everyone from project managers to installers understand the importance of safety on the jobsite.

Outside the office:
If you are looking for Andy outside the office, he is more than likely spending time with his baby boy. Asher is the Wharton’s first child and an absolute joy. When he can squeeze it in, you might find Andy shooting hoops or playing golf. He also has a knack for fixing up antique cars and bicycles.