Treat Fellow Employees with Respect

Success in business is all about problem solving. People and companies who can solve the problems and keep the team working together are the most successful. At Chamberlin we treat people with respect in every situation. Business is always just about business. Business is never personal. Be direct and be honest, but never attack or belittle another employee no matter the situation. Do not gossip about other employees behind their backs. Treat the people you work with the same way that you would like to be treated.

Everyday we are faced with business problems. At Chamberlin, we get the problem on the table, discuss it, make a decision, support it and move on. Never treat another employee badly in order to solve a problem because it destroys the teamwork, and when you destroy teamwork you only replace one problem with another. The only way to have a good working environment and good teamwork is to treat each other with respect. 

Respecting each other no matter what the circumstances is the foundation of teamwork and creating a great place to work.

"Chamberlin has provided extremely good workmanship and supervision. We think we are fortunate to have assembled the 'A-Team'."

Judy Heard, CPM, General Manager, Cassidy Turley