The One Thing

In truth, there is really only one thing that our clients pay us to do for them. They don’t pay us to do estimates, nor do submittals, nor send them invoices, nor answer our phones, nor send them advertising materials or a whole host of other things that we all spend a tremendous amount of time and effort doing. The one thing that we are paid to do is to go out to our client’s project and to install a high quality waterproofing and/or roofing do it without hurting our employees, to do it without damaging their property, to do it at the best possible price and to do it with a spirit of cooperation.

Because this is the one thing that our clients pay us to do, there is no job at Chamberlin that is any more important than the field technicians and helpers who are responsible for delivering the one thing we do for our clients. So it is all of our duty and all of our roles to support the men who do the work, who do the one thing we get paid for: installing roofing and waterproofing systems. Each employee must take part in making sure that, as a team, we are the best at doing what clients are willing to pay for. Teamwork and supporting each other is the foundation for being the best at the one thing that our clients pay us to do.

Installing quality waterproofing and roofing systems is the one thing our clients pay us to do. 

"Thank you to Chamberlin Project Managers and Superintendents for responding to inquiries in a professional and timely manner. They and other Chamberlin crew members helped to create a facility the whole city can take pride in."

- J.B. White, Senior Project Manager, City of Houston General Services Department