Safety - Quality - Teamwork

Think of it as a three legged stool. Remove any one leg, and the stool will fall over. Each leg is dependent on the other in order for the stool to function for its intended purpose. And so it is with our business. Each and every day we must excel at safety. We must excel at quality. We must excel at teamwork.  

The safety leg of the stool: None of the work we do can be considered a success, even if we do a quality job, if our safety efforts fail and one of our team members gets hurt. Our people have been and always will be our most important asset, and the safety of our people both in the field and in the office must always be our first priority. So, more than anything, we must excel at safety because our employees’ lives depend on it. 

What about the quality leg of the stool? At the same time, if we complete a project and no one gets hurt and we get it done as a team but the work we performed leaks, the project cannot be considered a success. First of all, our clients expect and deserve a building that doesn’t leak. After all, isn’t that why they hired the Chamberlin team to do the job? We did not excel  at quality because the work had to be done twice. We must excel at quality, the first time, because that’s why our clients hire the Chamberlin team to do their work. 

And then there’s the teamwork leg of the stool. If we complete a project without any injury to our team members and we do a quality job but our client is unhappy because we have failed to communicate, failed to help solve problems or failed to keep our portion of work on schedule, then we have not been a good team member and we have failed at teamwork. When we fail at being a good team member with the owner and/or general contractor, then we won’t be asked to stay on the team when future projects arise, which will result in fewer work opportunities for everyone at Chamberlin. When we are a good team member, it makes the owner and/or general contractor’s job easier - and our job easier. On the other hand, if we do our work safely and in a quality fashion but have developed hard feelings toward our fellow employees during the course of our work, we have destroyed the teamwork at Chamberlin and thus our opportunity to be the best we can be. Lending a helping hand to a teammate with a positive attitude is a catalyst for making Chamberlin a great place to work, along with ensuring safety and quality because everyone is working together towards a common goal. 

So it’s easy to see that for our work to be successful it must, first of all, be done safely. Secondly, it must be of high quality. And, finally, we must work as a team.

These are the three legs of a successful project: safety, quality and teamwork. Our future success depends on it. 

"The team was extremely cooperative and made adjustments to help our overall team succeed." 

Quintin Greco, Project Manager, Linbeck Group, The Greater Hearts Primary Academy in San Antonio