Roof Repair, Restoration and Replacement


A roof replacement is the removal of the existing roof and installation of a new roofing system. This is a good option if damage to the roof is extensive, the roof has been re-covered once before or the insulation needs to be replaced.


  • Good long-term option when properly maintained
  • Roof deck can be thoroughly inspected for any underlying issues



If the roof is fundamentally sound and has good insulation, a re-cover or roof coating may be a good alternative to a full replacement.


A re-cover is the installation of a new roofing system over an existing roof.


  • Reduction of debris to manage and less disruption than a full tear off
  • The roof is not being removed and exposing the building to potential water damage
  • Less expensive than a full removal and replacement


A roof coating may be an option to restore your roof in lieu of a re-cover or replacement. There are many types to choose from to select the coating that is best designed for your particular roof.



  • Reflective coatings can lower energy consumption
  • Short term cost savings, less expensive than re-cover or replacement
  • Long term cost savings, less expensive to maintain and extends the life of the roof
  • Potential LEED points
  • Ease of installation and less business disruption


Some minor problems on a roof can be easily repaired, so they don’t warrant the expense of a replacement or restoration.


  • Less costly than restoration or replacement
  • Properly maintaining your roof extends its life and protects the building's occupants

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