OU Radar Innovations Laboratory

Norman, Oklahoma

OU Radar Innovations Laboratory

Service Type:New Construction Waterproofing

Scope:Below-grade waterproofing, air barrier and joint sealants


The University of Oklahoma’s (OU) Radar Innovations Laboratory is a 35,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility dedicated to advancing OU's radar program including a large microwave lab, high-bay garage, prototype fabrication facilities, machine shop, two precision anechoic chambers, experimental observation deck, and a unique "Ideas Room" to foster collaboration and innovation.

During construction of this building, Chamberlin installed 30,000 square feet of below-grade Tremco Paraseal LG Bentonite waterproofing on the under slab and 35,000 square feet of roller-applied BASF Enershield HP air barrier on the exterior. Additionally, they installed 10,000 linear feet of joint sealants including Tremco Dymeric 240FC on the exterior façade, Tremco Vulkem 45SSL on the exterior site work and Tremco Tremflex 834 on the interior window frames.

The time schedule for the below-grade waterproofing application on the under slab and the concrete pour was extremely tight. The entire 30,000 square feet was completed in two weeks. Coordination with the concrete contractor was key in completing this scope efficiently and on time. Chamberlin staffed abundant highly skilled waterproofing technicians to ensure the scope was completed properly in the allotted time frame. Quality control checks were essential to the application process going smoothly and without error. The project concluded on time, on budget and with zero accidents or incidents.

Category:Higher Education

Owner:University of Oklahoma

Architect:Glover, Smith, Bode Inc.

General Contractor:JE Dunn Construction Company

Contract Amount:$150,000

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