White Rock Pump Station

Dallas, Texas

White Rock Pump Station

Service Type:Remedial Waterproofing

Scope:Restoration of terra cotta stone coping, exterior coating, window replacement, joint sealant replacement, tuck pointing and masonry restoration


Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing was the Prime Contractor for the complete restoration of the White Rock Pump Station, a 102-year-old Texas historic landmark residing on White Rock Lake. In response to increased population and extended droughts in the early 1900s, this facility was built to provide an additional water supply for the city of Dallas. Today, it remains an important structure as the Water Operations Control Center of Dallas Water Utilities. Last restored in the 1980s, this building underwent renovation again in 2012 to stop moisture related problems causing deterioration of the facility.

Construction started with a roof replacement and repair of the terracotta parapet wall cap. New HVAC and a lightning protection system were installed. The exterior skin scope included brick replacement, tuckpointing and cleaning. The 29 original wooden windows were replaced with aluminum cladded replicas. These weather-resistant replicas provide long-term durability while preserving historical integrity. All doors were removed, restored, reinstalled and painted to match the windows. Additionally, an upgraded security system was installed with new cameras and key card readers on every door and at the front gate.

The interior restoration encompassed cleaning the brick and painting the lower level of the E-room. LED, Luminar and emergency lighting were installed, and the acoustical panels recovered. The old ceiling insulation, moldy from years of roof leaks, was removed and new spray insulation was applied.

The preservation and renovation of historic properties is an important part of keeping a community alive. For the better of the community and the environment, Chamberlin strives to reduce project waste. All items removed from the facility were either auctioned off at a City of Dallas auction or recycled. Auction items included the original windows and flagpole from the pump station. History lovers and families with deep-seated Dallas roots vied for these items to own a piece of Texas history.

In less than a year, Chamberlin successfully restored the White Rock Pump Station to its former aesthetic glory and continued the life of this historical landmark in the community. The project was completed on time, under budget and with no incidents, accidents or lost time. Chamberlin was honored to receive Project and Safety Excellence Award.

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Architect:Halff Associates, Inc.

General Contractor:Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing

Contract Amount:$1,500,000

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