ABC_Business_Excellence_Award.JPGChamberlin was recognized with the 2010 Business Excellence Award of Merit from the Houston chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) in the Mega Commercial Specialty Contractor category. The ABC Business Excellence Awards program was created to recognize and honor ABC member companies based on their business and managerial practices. Chamberlin is especially honored to receive this award, because we, of course, believe our team and business practices set the standard in our industry.
Submissions were evaluated on human resource practices, business management philosophies, training and continuing education offered to employees, ABC involvement, community service, company safety, environmentally friendly practices and other assessment methods.
Among the criteria featured in the Chamberlin award entry were our achievements related to Chamberlin University, our in-house craft training, safety and mentoring program. Chamberlin University has not only raised the level of education and professionalism in our team, but it has also bolstered an individual sense of pride and accomplishment.
The award submission stated in conclusion, “Chamberlin is a growing company with an established reputation for excellence in the industry. There is no one thing that makes Chamberlin excellent; rather, it is a combination of executive integrity that trickles down to each employee, an effective business model, values that cultivate good communication and team building, and a unique niche of expertise in the marketplace. Ultimately, it is all about the team of people at Chamberlin who make the difference.  We believe our team is as good as it gets.”