The experience of our team is one of our greatest assets. Larry Johnson, Roofing Operations Manager, is an excellent example. He has been in the business for 40 years, so it suffices to say he has learned a thing or two about roofing and sheet metal. One of the greatest values he brings our clients is that he is a real whiz at controlling costs. 

Last fall, he shared his expertise on the subject with Metal Construction News. In case you want a preview, here’s the key point of it: when done right, a metal roofing system can be cost-effective long term even if it’s pricier to put in place up front. Larry’s number one piece of advice is to take the time to plan all of the moving parts of a project upfront. Accurate estimating is essential. Larry says over ordering material is the single biggest waste of money on roofing projects. But staging and handling of materials when the job begins cannot be overlooked as critical factors in minimizing waste, too. The full story is worth a read.