Ashford Oaks, a 13-story office building in San Antonio, Texas, built in 1984, was recently renovated under Woodside Capital Partners with upgraded elevators, exterior quality enhancements and an improved parking garage. Time and weather had taken its toll on this 34-year-old building, deteriorating the sealants and gaskets allowing water to infiltrate the building.

Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing was selected to perform a complete replacement of all sealants on the Ashford Oaks building envelope. This included wet glazing with Tremco Spectrum 2 as well as panel-to-panel joints and window perimeter joints with Tremco Spectrum 3.

A panel malfunction on the 13th floor prompted the owner to bring in a consultant to assess the building. Building Exterior Solutions, a Terracon Company, discovered that the row of panels on the 13th floor was connected by a different method than the rest of the building’s panels. For most of the building, mechanical fasteners were used to attach the heavy granite panels to the building’s structure. On the 13th floor, however, the panels were attached with liner-block and epoxy adhesive. Chamberlin had just completed the cut-out and re-caulk of the 13th floor, and the consultant continued their investigation to determine if the new sealant would be strong enough to support the panels’ weight or if an additional means of attachment would be necessary.

In the meantime, they determined that the rest of the building was safe to work on, so Chamberlin was able to complete their wet glazing scope on the other levels.

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