Are You Prepared?

Posted on: September 1, 2021 7 PM

Hurricane season is here which means it is time to prepare. Natural disasters damage thousands of homes and devastate the livelihoods of families every day. Being prepared includes knowing your risk, protecting your home and plan ahead with supplies and an evacuation route. 

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The first step in being prepared is knowing your risk in the area you are located. Signing up for community emergency warnings is a great start. Watch for tropical storm and hurricane updates. Texans can follow the GLO for updates on social media (TwitterInstagramMediumFacebook, and YouTube).

Keeping supplies on hand like bottled water, non-perishable food, first-aid, flashlights and batteries are a good way to be prepared. Plan for your entire household and know their needs as well. Ask yourself, "What would I need for myself and my family if a hurricane struck?"

If you are closer to the coast, Houston for example, protecting your property is needed. Hurricanes can bring high winds, loose debris and flooding. Review your flood insurance policy, declutter drains and gutters. Make your evacuation plan with a route and shelter location. Discuss this with your family. 

Read more here about being prepared in hurricane season and the steps to take to be ready if an evacuation is ever needed. 

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