Importance of Safety and Training

Posted by on: January 4, 2022 10 PM

Chamberlin was awarded ABC STEP Platinum for 2021

Chamberlin is dedicated to delivering high quality, competitively priced roofing and waterproofing services that are completed safely, with a spirit of teamwork and on time. An important aspect of Chamberlin’s quality initiative is Chamberlin University. Chamberlin ‘U’ was developed and implemented as part of their strategy to train and educate their workforce. Educating Chamberlin team members on safety, technical skills and soft skills empowers them to deliver quality, cost-effective projects.

Some recently graduated Chamberlin U classes included a traffic coating waterproofing apprenticeship course where those who completed the course received their Level I Certification. A Supervisor’s Program offered training on safety responsibilities, crises management, personnel management, client interaction, cost control, personal budgeting and more. Chamberlin employees also participated in English classes and GED classes that met three times a week.

The classes completed with Chamberlin University help employees keep safety as a primary focus every day. This focus led Chamberlin to achieve STEP Platinum for 2021. The STEP program measures participating ABC member firms on their safety processes and policies in 20 key components with the goal of implementing or enhancing safety programs that reduce jobsite incident rates. Chamberlin’s safety practices also earned them the Gold Level Commitment to Safety by the American Subcontractors Association – Houston Chapter for 2021 – 2022. 


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