Posted on: October 22, 2012 6 PM

At Chamberlin, we believe there's more to "service" than simply the waterproofing and roofing work we perform. Service isn't part of the job we're hired to do; it's the mentality with which we approach the project and the expertise we bring to the table. To that end, our product knowledge and pre-construction services are often times as important as the actual project work itself. After all, proper analysis and planning sets the course for a successful project.

Our bids frequently cover the entire exterior skin or a facility of building including roofing, sheet metal, waterproofing and caulking specifications. Chamberlin's detailed proposals accurately list the scope of work included in our pricing. But what distinguishes our proposals from those you might receive from another firm are the people who prepare them. People who have been on the job, people who have firsthand knowledge of the types of projects they estimate and people who pay attention to the little things that can make a big difference. These qualities, coupled with manufacturer training and a state-of-the-art estimating system, ensure our ability to provide complete and detailed estimates.

Planning next year's maintenance budget? Committed to a proactive approach to repairs? Chamberlin can assist in forecasting potential roofing or waterproofing maintenance needs. Our diagnostic condition surveys of your building or garage present comprehensive analysis for your review of existing conditions. Surveys include photographs, a description of the problem and options on how the repairs can best be conducted. 

Through our experience we've learned both what works and what doesn't. This real world knowledge is exactly what we share with our clients when developing conceptual pricing models. Chamberlin assists general contractors, owners, architects and consultants in developing cost-effective solutions for design/build construction projects. Our hands-on expertise in roofing and waterproofing materials, their proper application, and the installed cost of each product is the foundation upon which we develop recommendations for products or systems suitable for any one particular job.

If you are looking for practical ideas on how to reduce costs without sacrificing long-term performance, address environmental or aesthetic concerns, or any other constructability issues, the Chamberlin team can help you explore alternatives. We provide value engineering with an understanding of project objectives. Our digitaized takeoff system and database pricing tables enable us to compare and present multiple options for consideration quickly and accurately.

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