Employee Profile - T.R. Mayfield

Posted by on: July 23, 2020 7 PM

T.R. Mayfield

Vice President of Estimating

Roofing & Sheet Metal

Houston, Texas


T.R. grew up in a family roofing business with his father. Shortly after his family sold the company in the mid-90's, T.R.'s path brought him to Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing, and we are grateful for that.

A Day in the Life 

Every morning you can find T.R. starting his day with a fresh cup of coffee responding to emails and making a "to do" list for the day. He typically travels to a different Chamberlin office location each week. In addition to reviewing estimates and negotiating contracts, he oversees all bids and manages the project estimating team for Chamberlin's Roofing & Sheet Metal departments. 


T.R. believes if you commit to installing quality work in a safe and productive manner, a lifelong customer will be gained. It is a simple concept but one that T.R. takes to heart because he is a man of his word. He feels that Chamberlin gives their employees the freedom and empowerment to excel, which makes T.R. eager to come to work each day. To this day, T.R. still listens to his mom's lesson, "Think before you speak and treat others as you would want to be treated."

Outside the Office

Outside the office, you can find T.R. spending time with his wife, Betsy, and two kids (well, they are more like adults than kids now). They recently purchased a small ranch, which keeps them busy learning how to manage timber, fixing fences and tending to the animals. They spare time for a little hunting, too.

Greatest Accomplishments

If T.R. wasn't using his skills at Chamberlin, he would be a race car driver. He loves speed (which is why he doesn't drive a company vehicle, at least that is our assumption). Retired racing driver A.J. Foyt once told him that he missed his calling. 

We asked T.R. to choose his favorites from this random list of things as a way to get to know him a little better:

Zoo or Aquarium

Bowling or Billiards

Law & Order or Friends

Sausage or Bacon

The Beatles or Rolling Stones


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