Tim Rosenberg - Director of Preconstruction

Posted on: October 12, 2021 6 PM


A Day In The Life:

A typical workday for Tim consists of working with all our markets company-wide. Most of his day is spent on data analysis, plan reading, contract negotiation and exploring ways to reduce cost and grow profits. Client development is not only a big portion of his role but also the most enjoyable aspect of his position in his opinion.


Safety is, by far, the most important aspect of any position at Chamberlin according to Tim. The well-being of employees trumps any other priority in the organization. Customer service, quality and productivity all come in at an even second. These are the three most important aspects of being successful.

Favorite Part of Chamberlin:

The structure of the company is what Tim enjoys most about working at Chamberlin. He thinks the group of individuals are designed to work well with each other. From ownership to field personnel, the management of the company enables everything and everyone to work together almost flawlessly. 

Outside the Office:

Tim generally enjoys spending time outdoors. He likes to travel, and you can often find him hunting, fishing or manning the grill. 

Greatest Personal Accomplishment:

Tim considers his two little girls, Eleanor and Delilah, to be his most important accomplishment in life.

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