Sarah Rivenbark - Project Estimator

Posted on: January 17, 2023 5 PM


Where it All Started:
Sarah graduated from Houston Baptist University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. She interviewed with a variety of different companies, in different industries, to fully understand what she wanted to use her degree for. She interviewed with Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing and felt she could really see herself growing as a person and building a career as part of the Chamberlin team.

A Day in the Life:
A typical work day for Sarah starts with coffee. She enjoys drinking her coffee while she answers emails and follows up on her submitted jobs. The rest of the day, Sarah spends time making notes on her follow ups to keep track of project status'. She works through various specs and drawings, works on her estimates, getting them checked as she goes along and finally plans out the following day.

In Sarah's opinion, customer service is the backbone of any company. She believes customer service offers support to our customers in all situations and helps to reassure that their problems will be taken care of in a timely manner. Chamberlin is known for their safety, productivity and quality installation. When we take the extra time on the front end of the project, it helps to set the job up for success and it pushes our workers to do their best every day and exceed expectations people have for them in the workplace.

Notable Project:
A project that Sarah found notable was the Associated General Contractors Office Renovation in Austin. The Associated General Contractors' office building in Downtown Austin was being renovated and needed parts of its roof repaired.

Greatest Personal Accomplishment:
Sarah's greatest personal achievement outside of work was graduating college in three and a half years, while on an athletic scholarship. It takes a lot of discipline and dedication to do one, let alone both. 

Life Without Chamberlin:
If Sarah wasn't working at Chamberlin as a Project Estimator in roofing and sheet metal, she would most likely still be in school getting her master's degree in business.

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