Employee Profile - Adam Matthys

Posted by on: January 27, 2015 6 AM





  • Adam Matthys

  • Vice President - General Manager

  • Austin, TX & San Antonio, TX


Adam Matthys is a prime example of the saying, “Hard work pays off.” Currently the General Manager of the waterproofing operations in San Antonio, Adam admits accepting the job at Chamberlin was the best career choice he ever made.

While attending college at Southwest Texas State, Adam began working as a laborer on the weekends learning how to caulk and install waterproofing. He gradually began running small projects learning the role of a superintendent. After a friend, Lyle Coston, was offered a job at Chamberlin in 2000, Adam joined him and worked in the field as a superintendent in Houston for about 3 years. At the same time, he was taking online courses to obtain a Business Management degree from the University of Phoenix, and many years later, Adam gradually worked his way up through various positions and earned the role as General Manager in San Antonio.

A Day in the Life:
On any given day, you can find Adam working on construction document takeoffs or putting together a proposal. He works closely with operations team members to help make project estimates as accurate as possible.

“Among Adams’ many contributions are superb accuracy on estimates, excellent business development accomplishments, handling operation issues, negotiating contracts and dealing with day to day issues in San Antonio,” said Executive Vice President, Art Canales. Adam has come to pride himself on consistently bidding and selling profitable work, which is a testament to 14 years of hard work.

Adam is big on customer service. He believes it is important to do what you say and say only what you can deliver. He is great at maintaining business relationships because he makes a point to always respond to his clients regardless of what the request is.

Outside the Office:

If he is not bidding work at the office, Adam enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids. They particularly like to take family trips to Colorado and Arkansas when time allows. When he is not juggling all of the kid’s extra-curricular activities, Adam enjoys golfing, hunting and relaxing with a nice cold one

We asked Adam to choose his favorites from this random list of things as a way to get to know him a little better:


          • Bottle or Draft (Either, beer is good)
          • Aisle or Window Sea
          • Sweet N Low or Sugar
          • Debit or Credit
          • Hot-Tub or Pool