Chamberlin Proactive Commercial Roof Asset Management (PRAM)

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Knowledge about your building is powerful, but digging through file cabinets or old boxes of documents to find an invoice or warranty is the last thing you want to do. 

Access to information about your commercial roof is now simple, whether you manage one building or an entire portfolio of facilities. With Chamberlin's Proactive Roof Asset Management program you will know the exact condition your roof systems are in at all times.

Our proactive roof asset managment program, PRAM, incorporates four main components:

  • Preferred customer status during severe weather events
  • Online roof asset management
  • Semi-annual surveys and routine roofing maintenance
  • Roof Condition reports

Chamberlin's Proactive Roof Asset Management Program includes the following:Chamberlin's Roof Asset Management program

Semi-annual Survey and Routine Commercial Building Maintenance 

  • Survey the entire roof area for damage
  • Remove all debris to ensure it does not restrict drainage or cause membrane damage
  • Survey and clean all roof drains to ensure a free flow of precipitation
  • Visually inspect roofing membrane field seams, roof curbs and roof penetrations
  • Visually inspect all sheet metal flashings and counter flashings at copings, gutters, collector boxes and downspouts to verify they are firmly attached and sealed
  • Visually inspect roof access scutle, ladder and locking mechanisms
  • Visually inspect all Roof Top HVAC unit access doors and covers to ensure they are installed and secured

Chamberlin's Roof Asset Management program | Condition ReportCondition Report

  • Provide a detailed management report with photographs describing:
  • The current roof condition, evidence of any roof abuse and defects that could potentially lead to future issues
  • An estimate for immediate roof repair needs and a budget projection for future maintenance and repair expenditures
  • A roof condition assessment grade and expected life cycle
  • Archive reports and budgets in our online Roof Asset Management database

Online Roof Asset Managementonline roof assess management app | Chamberlin

  • Provides secure, online access to roofing information for all of your buildings and facilities
  • Track archived roof data on your building-portfolio including condition surveys, roof drawings, photos, invoices, repairs and warranty documents
  • Accurately budget for annual roof maintenance and/or future roof replacement
  • Easily share information with decision makers

Preferred Customer Status

  • Receive top priority response during severe weather events
  • Issue and track building service work orders online
  • Receive 24/7 emergency leak repair service
  • Receive real-time condition and repair reports


Chamberlin roof asset management online system*Fees for Chamberlin's Proactive Roof Asset Management program vary depending on the roof system, building location and other conditions. Call your local Chamberlin Roof Maintenance and Leak Repair Department to customize a plan to protect your roof investment and access our online system today.


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