Portofino Shopping Center - Conroe, TX
New Construction Roofing & Waterproofing
Owner:  Jefco Development
Architect:  Hermes Reed Architects
General Contractor:  Tribble & Stephens Co.
Scope of Work:  Roofing, insulation, flashing, sealants, dampproofing, water repellents and site sealants
Contract Amount:  $845,000 (approx.)
Project Description: 250,000 sq ft,  two-story, 25 store retail shopping center 

Baker St. Jail -
Houston, TX
New Construction Roofing & Waterproofing
Owner:  City of Houston
Architect:  PGAL Architects
General Contractor:  Manhattan Construction Co.
Scope of Work:  Roofing; fire, latex, silicone & security sealant; firestopping, flashing, dampproofing and insulation
Contract Amount:  $880,000 (approx.)
Project Description:  700,000 sq. ft., 6-story institutional prison facility 

Wells Fargo -
Houston, TX
Remedial Waterproofing
Owner:  Met Life Insurance
Consultant:  Dermacon, Inc.
Property Manager:  Transwestern Property Management
Scope of Work:  Wet glazing entire glass curtainwall, sealing and replacing missing aluminum extrusions
Contract Amount:  $1,450,000 (approx.)
Project Description:  1,000,000 sq. ft., 71-story office building 

- Victoria, TX
New Construction Roofing
Owner:  Cinemark USA
Architect:  Beck Architects
General Contractor:  C. F. Jordan, L.P.
Scope of Work:  EPDM roofing and sheet metal
Contract Amount:  $110,000 (approx.)
Project Description:  380,000 sq. ft. megaplex movie theatre

Depelchin Children’s Center - Houston, TX
New Construction Roofing
Owner:  Depelchin Children’s Center
Architect:  Gensler
General Contractor:  Brookstone Corporation
Scope of Work:  EPDM roofing and metal flashing
Contract Amount:  $75,000 (approx.)
Project Description:  20,000 sq. ft. children’s day care facility   

DFW International Airport - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
New Construction Waterproofing
Owner:  DFW International Airport
Architect:  HKS
General Contractor:  Austin Commercial, Inc.
Scope of Work:  Membrane waterproofing
Contract Amount:  $490,000 (approx.)
Project Description:  New airport terminal

Presbyterian Hospital - Dallas, TX
Remedial Waterproofing
Owner:  Presbyterian Hospital Dallas
General Contractor:  Presbyterian Hospital Dallas
Scope of Work:  Joint sealants, expansion joints and traffic deck coating
Contract Amount:  $245,000 (approx.)
Description:  84,000 sq. ft., 2-story parking garage     

DFW Airport - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Remedial Waterproofing
Owner:  DFW   International Airport
Architect:  (HOW  ABTS) DFW Staff Architects
General Contractor:  DFW   International Airport Board
Scope of Work:  Waterproof traffic coating
Contract Amount:  $2,100,000 (approx.)
Project  Description: 630,000 sq. ft. airport concrete ramps and deck

Birdville I.S.D. - Haltom City, TX
Remedial Roofing
Owner:  Birdville I.S.D.
Architect:  SHW Group
General Contractor:  Birdville I.S.D.
Scope of Work:  EPDM Roofing and Sheet Metal
Contract Amount:  $660,000 (approx.)
Project Description:  Two schools, 125,000 sq. ft. each

Travis Street Condos - Dallas, TX
Remedial Waterproofing
Owner:  Alpha-Barnes Real Estate Services
General Contractor:  Chamberlin Waterproofing & Roofing Systems, Inc.
Scope of Work:  Waterproofing, joint sealants and elastomeric coating
Contract Amount:  $110,000.00 approx.
Project Description:  Two-story condo complex