The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress (the Alliance) is a forum within the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) made up of roofing contractors, manufacturers and suppliers. The Alliance works to continually improve the roofing industry through the funding and oversight of programs and projects that contribute to such improvement. Chamberlin has supported the Alliance as a Charter Governor member since its inception in 1996.


In 2005, the Alliance and NRCA along with its members committed $100,000 to help develop and launch the SpecRight program. The goal of SpecRight is to provide useful and consistent information to building owners, designers and consultants about conserving energy and protecting the environment through quality roof system design, installation, materials and maintenance.


The fundamental idea behind the SpecRight program is this: roof systems that are properly designed and installed and incorporate the right materials can contribute significantly to energy savings— and ultimately contribute to protecting the environment. So, when a building owner makes an informed decision, there are likely to be important long-term cost savings.


At the heart of SpecRight is a training program that educates contractors about factors related to energy conservation that a building owner should consider when making a roof buying decision. The technical basis for the training program is ASHRAE 90.1, an energy standard that requires a minimum R-value (thermal resistance) for roof systems and provides a guideline for the uses of highly reflective roof surfaces. The training program stresses proper design, quality materials, proper installation and ongoing maintenance.


In the Spring of 2006, Chamberlin sent key roofing estimators to attend the SpecRight training in Chicago, Illinois. Our estimators learned how to use NRCA’s EnergyWise Roof Calculator software, which illustrates how additional insulation costs can be recouped through energy savings.


“We learned the latest information about sustainable, energy-efficient roof systems and what we can do to educate building owners about energy cost savings associated with increasing roofing insulation when it comes time to reroof their buildings,” explains T.R. Mayfield, Chamberlin Houston Roofing Estimating Manager.


“The SpecRight program and EnergyWise Roof Calculator helps us show our clients actual proof of energy savings when using quality materials in the roof design,” said James Cook, Chamberlin Project Estimator. “In the end we will become stewards of our environment with our clients.” 

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