CRCoreValuesLogo-Color_resize.jpgAbout 15 years ago Chamberlin committed some long-held values to writing. Acknowledging and writing down the things we value is very important. Written values remind us of the fundamentals that have led to our successes. And, even more importantly, our values act as guideposts when critical decisions need to be made. One of the Chamberlin values that we have talked about everyday within Chamberlin is the importance of “Safety, Quality & Productivity.”

As time has passed, we have begun to see the word “Productivity” not only as it pertains to our field operations, but also as it relates to efficiency throughout all departments in the company. Over the years it became more and more apparent that it really and truly is TEAMWORK that makes all of us the most productive in our daily work.

Working together, each department and each person working toward common goals respecting what each individual brings to the team has been a critical element in our collective success at Chamberlin. True teamwork makes for a great place to work because when we work as a team, more can be accomplished. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute according to their talents and be recognized for a job well done. When true teamwork is in action, each member can readily see their part in a successful job and know that others aren’t thinking only about themselves but are working toward a common goal with the entire team.


“Safety, Quality, Teamwork” applies to all aspects of what we do in every part of our business: accounting, estimating, marketing, operations, safety, training, etc. You name it and safety, quality and teamwork is what drives our success.

From our clients’ point of view, we know our clients expect Chamberlin to be good team members with which to work. Here are some of the ways we work to be good teammates with our clients:

• Be problem solvers. Find ways to make the work we do go smoother when challenges arise.
• Perform quality work.
• Perform our work safely.
• Keep the jobsite clean and organized.
• Be cooperative in the office and in the field. Be easy to work with no matter the situation.
• Be a positive, can-do partner/team member.
• Communicate often and honestly.
• Look for and be open to new and better ways of getting the job done whether it is in the office or on a project.

As we evaluate ourselves and ask how we can be good teammates with our clients, we encourage you to let us know what we could be doing better to be a good teammate with you on your projects or at your building. Because it is a three-legged stool, safety and quality depend upon teamwork. For Chamberlin, no project can be considered a success without real Safety, Quality and Teamwork!