Mother Nature, pollution, airborne corrosives and time all take their toll on your building. The resulting wear and deterioration of your building is unfortunately inevitable. With proper care, however, you can extend the life of the exterior skin of your facility. Chamberlin's extensive building restoration capabilities and creative problem-solving provide you with an experienced, full service approach for cleaning, restoring and sealing the entire building envelope.

Whether it is deteriorating masonry, failing joint sealants and associated water leaks or the replacement of defective brick or stone, Chamberlin has the expertise to stop your building's water infiltration, restore your masonry and help bring your building back to its original splendor.


Exterior Repair & Restoration
- Brick Replacement & Tuckpointing
- Concrete, Terra Cotta, & Stone Repair & Replacement
- Facade Re-anchoring & Stabilization
- Sealant Removal & Replacement
- Wet Glazing
- Window Gasket Replacement
- Window Replacement
- Elastomeric Coatings
- Clear Water Repellant Coatings
- Lightning Protection

Plaza Deck Systems
- Cold Fluid Applied Waterproofing Systems
- Hot Applied Waterproofing Systems
- Planter Waterproofing
- Bentonite Waterproofing Systems
- Paver Repair & Replacement
- Sheet Good Waterproofing System

Exterior Cleaning
- Water Blasting
- Shot Blasting
- Chemical Cleaning

Parking structures are sometimes ignored due to their utilitarian nature, yet they can pose a unique set of expensive repair problems. Heavy automobile traffic wears out the concrete surfaces and deteriorates the expansion joints that are designed to provide both parking and waterproof protection to the occupants of the garage. The heavy load imposed by a large number of parked vehicles, wet weather, hot temperatures and extreme cold can further damage your garage structure. The parking garage's concrete and expansion joints must be adequately maintained. The short and long-term effects of deferred maintenance can be very costly.

Chamberlin has extensive experience in the maintenance and repair of concrete parking structures. Whether new structural columns are required to ensure the stability of the structure or a traffic bearing, waterproof coating is needed to protect the integrity of the concrete and garage occupants from water infiltration, Chamberlin offers a wide range of services that will extend the life of your garage investment.

Structural Restoration
- Expansion Joint Repair & Replacement
- Bearing Pad Replacement
- Repair Horizontal & Vertical Spalled Concrete
- Epoxy Injection
- Concrete Spandrel Panel Repairs
- Double 'T' & Inverted 'T' Repair
- Concrete Pan Slab Replacement
- Structural Wraps
- Structural Steel Repair & Replacement

Maintenance & Protective Restoration
- Vehicular & Pedestrian Traffic Bearing Waterproof Coatings
- Water Repellants
- Expansion Joints
- Joint Sealants
- Elastomeric Coatings
- Installation of Drainage Systems
- Caulking



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