When it rains, it pours — at least that’s the perception when a building begins to leak. Drips and dribbles can put property owners and managers into quite a predicament if they don’t get help fast. Now problems can be solved with the click of a button. 

For your convenience, Chamberlin’s Web site now features a “Report a Leak” page to submit any water-related dilemmas quickly. Customers may enter pertinent information into the leak repair service request form and a Chamberlin representative will contact you to evaluate the problem. Of course, leaks reported by phone or fax will also still receive prompt attention as Chamberlin leak repair specialists evaluate each unique situation.

Any type of water infiltration can cause severe structural damage as leaks find the weakest part of a building. This is why Chamberlin tailored its all-encompassing roofing, sheet metal, waterproofing and caulking services to keep water out by preventing water infiltration in your roof, wall and window systems. Our Web site provides more information about the wide variety of specialty waterproofing and roofing applications we offer. 

You can also use www.chamberlinltd.com to read up on industry information. Click on “About Us” or browse through some of our past newsletters to find news from professional contracting associations, along with information on safety, reports on industry techniques, and recent business standards and trends. By clicking on the “Newsletters” page, customers can also review past tips in our Consultant’s Corner, where leading experts weigh in and offer advice on roofing and waterproofing related issues.

Chamberlin is working to expand the Web site to communicate our range of resources. One plan under development includes an innovative “Projects” profile section, which will allow customers to check out some of the recently completed jobs in Chamberlin’s online portfolio of roofing, waterproofing and restoration projects. Discover new ways we can serve you on www.chamberlinltd.com.