Summer marks the beginning of the budgeting process for many of our clients. We know that this can be a very trying and time-consuming period for many property managers and owners. Additionally, the expense forecasting process along with determining realistic capital expenditures for the upcoming year can be especially challenging without accurate resource information.


Certainly no asset manager likes to be surprised with unexpected or unplanned expenses. Although we don’t claim to have a crystal ball, Chamberlin’s years of repairing various roofing and waterproofing systems has provided us with some valuable experience. This experience enables us to evaluate the current condition of your roof system, exterior wall systems and parking garages and provide several suggestions for both short- and long-term planning.


When examining a structure, we first ask, “What is the existing condition of your property, and is there anything happening to it that may require repair in the coming year?” If there is, “What is a reasonable estimate for making the repairs and exactly what work needs to be performed?” Then we consider what type of repair and maintenance costs you are likely to face over the next three to five years. Finally, we consider whether you need to be thinking about some type of provision in your budget for a capital expenditure for total replacement of a roofing or waterproofing system.


So, when your budgets are due and you would like to get a good handle on the existing condition of your properties, along with some help on budgeting for possible repairs or replacement, give us a call. These are questions you should be asking yourself on an annual basis; questions we can help you answer.


Chamberlin’s proactive planning capabilities are just one of the many reasons why our clients have come to “EXPECT MORE” from Chamberlin. 

MORE services.

MORE expertise.

MORE experience.

MORE solutions.

MORE stability.

MORE for your money.