No task is too small or too unimportant not to get it done properly the first time. When we take care of the details, the big picture takes care of itself. Whether it’s an estimate on a million-dollar project or correctly reporting your work hours by cost code, approving an invoice or installing material on a project, doing it right one time - the first time - is the basis for our collective success. Who can take pride in work produced that has to be done all over again because it wasn’t done properly? At Chamberlin we take pride in doing our work one time.

Accuracy is a habit that leads to excellence and excellence leads to success. 

"This is some of the finest waterproofing work that we have seen done. Chamberlin is checking their thickness of application on a continuing basis. Because of Chamberlin's fine workmanship so far and very low risk of water intrusion, we feel testing thickness now would not be a good use of the owner's money. Based on this, I retract my suggestion to conduct thickness testing. Periodic visual inspections will continue. Keep up the good work!"

John A. Latimer, Vice President, Project 


Other Chamberlin Values