Hurricane Ike damaged many Houston-area homes in 2008, which left a number of people searching for a way to pick up the pieces. After the storm, there were many senior citizens seeking financial assistance to repair their homes, but some fell through loop holes and cracks in the process. As is the case with anyone who might be indigent, under insured, uninsured or unemployed, some simply could not pay to haul-2.jpgrepair their home. Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing and the Houston Area Urban League was recently able to come to the aid of one particular senior citizen who had been living with a damaged home for four years.

The Houston Area Urban League tried unsuccessfully for two years to find an agency that was able to lend a helping hand at no cost to the homeowner. That all changed when general contractor, WS Bellows Construction, and the Houston Area Urban League asked Chamberlin to take on the task of replacing the damaged roof. Chamberlin was glad to assist a member of the community.

“In times like these is when you depend on the kindness and compassion of community spirit to help neighbors in need,” said Judson W. Robinson III, President and CEO of the Houston Area Urban League.

A crew of nine Chamberlin roof mechanics worked 12-hour shifts on a Saturday and Sunday in April, generously sacrificing time with their families and friends to help the homeowner. Special thanks go to Greg Mazoch and ABC Supply who donated all supplies and materials.haul-1.jpg

“It is so refreshing to know that there are honest people willing to help those in need,” Robinson continued, “thank you for your unselfish labor and generosity to help one of our senior residents re-establish some of the stability and peace of mind, along with adequate living conditions that [they] had before the disaster.”

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