Dallas Cowboys The Star


The Star, a 91-acre, $1.5 billion complex in Frisco, TX, is home to the new Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters, The Ford Center and two NFL compliant practice fields. 

The Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters is a six-floor office building with a two-level parking garage. The Ford Center is a state-of-the-art, 510,000 square foot indoor athletic facility containing the Dallas Cowboys indoor practice field, training room, office space and hydrotherapy. Chamberlin worked on both facilities and their parking garages installing approximately 320,000 square feet of spray-applied air barrier, 215,000 square feet of hot fluid-applied waterproofing, 200,000 linear feet of sealants and 125,000 square feet of sealer. Chamberlin’s scope also included firestopping, water repellents, sheet metal flashing and trim, pavers and expansion joints. This massive scope was completed in 16 months with a total contract amount of nearly $5,000,000.

Chamberlin had to employ some creative methods to install the firestopping and sealants at the top of the south wall. An eyebrow at the top of the wall prevented Chamberlin crew members from being able to access the area from an aerial boom lift or swing stage. The equipment would raise them almost 200 feet in the air, but they then had to crawl on the structure’s steel beams to reach the installation area. Connecting boards were installed so they could move from beam to beam. High winds further compounded this already challenging worksite.

Chamberlin created an intricate two-man system with dual leg lanyards and beam clamps to allow the crew members to complete this work safely. This extremely challenging and unordinary installation method was not only performed under extreme time constraints, but performed safely and successfully.

TEXO awarded Chamberlin a Distinguished Building Award for their work on this project.