2012 marks Chamberlin’s 115th anniversary. It all started with John Chamberlin and his 1890 patent on one of the nation’s first metal weather stripping products. After many years of work, the Chamberlin Metal Weather Strip Company was incorporated in 1897 and business began.As we celebrate this milestone we will embrace our history and the hard-won experience we’ve gained over the years. We also, and perhaps more importantly, look to the future and work to ensure that we continue to enjoy long-term, trusting relationships with our clients: general contractors, property managers, building owners, facility managers and consultants.Over the last 100-plus years, there have been many changes in our industry: new products, new designs, new competitors and more.

Certainly the world has changed dramatically since the 1890’s and Chamberlin has changed with it. One thing, though, that has not changed is our commitment to provide a high quality product at a competitive price with a spirit of cooperation. Today, our team continues to serve our clients’ needs on both new and remedial construction projects whether it’s commercial, institutional or industrial. And all aspects of our business continue to be guided by the core values that quite literally define us as a company. We believe these core values will stand the test of time for another 115 years . . . at least! 

Safety, Quality, Productivity.

Like a three legged stool needs all three legs to stand up, at Chamberlin we see each project as being fundamentally supported by the qualities of safety, quality and productivity. Remove any of these and the “stool” will fall over, and the project will fail. We know that without quality, productivity doesn’t matter. We know that without safety nothing matters. All three pieces or “legs” of the project are critical for a successful job. We know that Chamberlin’s success depends on our ability to consistently deliver safety, quality and productivity.

Treat Each Other With Respect.

All companies are faced with business challenges. At Chamberlin, we get the problem on the table, discuss it, make a decision, support it and move on. We know people and companies that can solve problems effectively and keep the team working together are always the most successful. At Chamberlin, this starts with mutual respect. We know respect is fundamental to both a good working environment and teamwork. That’s why we use the principle of mutual respect to guide us as we work together internally and with our clients.

Clients – More Than Customers.

Our goal is always for our clients to see a measurable difference when they work with all of us at Chamberlin, whether it is in our billing process, our safety program, our job execution process, our quality control program or in any other circumstance, our mission is to develop customers into true clients. We know growing client relationships based on integrity and performance is the only lasting way to truly develop clients. And that is the real foundation of our continued success.

One Time: Do it Right. Do it Once.

At Chamberlin, no task is too small to get it done properly the first time. We know when we take care of the details the big picture will take care of itself. If it’s an estimate on a million dollar project, a submittal package, invoicing or material installation – we take our time and do it right (the first time). Because hurrying or not giving part of the process the attention it is due only requires more time and energy down the line. We know accuracy is a habit that leads to excellence, and excellence leads to success. 

Always Deliver More. 

We are committed to always delivering more. We don’t just provide our clients with quality work at competitive prices, problem solving, communication, project coordination, timely paperwork and so on. We always strive to provide each of these things with a spirit of cooperation. Our team knows that delivering more to our clients is the best job security we can buy. We know the best companies and people always deliver more, above and beyond what’s expected. To that end, we constantly strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

At the end of the day, working to uphold these principles at all times is what separates Chamberlin from the competition. It’s through experience that we’ve defined these standards that are critical to our success. Without a doubt, being in business for 115 years has taught us a lot about how to work successfully for our clients. It’s a formula we will continue to practice.