The Chamberlin Oklahoma City location opened its doors in September 2004 with a goal of further establishing a reputation for installing quality waterproofing and roofing systems. The Sooner State has been a most gracious host to the company, and the Chamberlin team in Oklahoma has proven itself a knowledgeable, reliable, professional contractor and welcome addition to the region. 


Chamberlin has worked in Oklahoma for over a decade, completing many remedial and new construction projects along the way. Of those projects, some of the most notable are the Elsworth Dam, the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History and the University of Oklahoma (OU) Memorial Stadium.


Chamberlin restored and waterproofed the Elsworth Dam in Lawton, OK in 1996. This was a very challenging project, not only because it was a working dam with water constantly rushing through it, but also because the waterproofing workers had to battle some of Mother Nature’s less hospitable creatures as well. “There were snakes, lots of snakes,” recalls then-Project Manager, now-Vice President David Neal. Amidst all the challenges and safety concerns, though, the Chamberlin team successfully repaired the dam’s concrete, replaced the failing expansion joints and applied a waterproof coating for the City of Lawton.


The Chamberlin team returned to Oklahoma the following year to waterproof the new Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. The museum, which was constructed on the OU campus, was built under the management of Flintco Construction, Inc. Chamberlin applied sheet waterproofing, joint sealants, deck coating and fluid-applied waterproofing. On May 1, 2000 the Sam Noble Museum opened its doors to the public. Millions of years’ worth of Oklahoma’s natural history can now be seen in this 195,000 sq. ft. facility. Inside, five galleries feature thousands of artifacts in the 50,000 sq. ft. exhibit space.


When Chamberlin hit the field at OU Memorial Stadium in the summer of 2002, a tight time-table was their biggest challenge. The crew tackled the stadium renovation, work that entailed cleaning the existing bowl, applying a new deck coating to 500,000 sq. ft., repairing concrete and replacing 3,500 lineal feet of expansion joints. This remedial work was being done while new construction work was taking place on the outside of the stadium. When all was said and done, the stadium had a new upper deck on its east side and a fully renovated west side.


“Opening an office in Oklahoma City is allowing us to more efficiently serve our clients,” said Neal. This new accessibility has definitely paid off. Currently, Chamberlin Oklahoma City has over $3 million in new construction and remedial projects in progress. Some of these projects include the new Dell building, the Directorate of Logistics (DOL) Maintenance Complex in Lawton, John Marshall High School, OU Student Housing restoration and the Solomon Layton Attorney General Building. All of these projects involve specialty waterproofing applications such as installing preformed expansion joints at the DOL Complex, a vapor barrier system and fire stopping at Marshall High along with various sealants, coatings and water repellents.


“We are very pleased with our projects and growth in Oklahoma,” said President Martin Stroud. “We are gaining trust and credibility one project at a time.”


Project Estimator George Bridges has been busy bidding on new construction and remedial waterproofing projects in and around Oklahoma. “The Oklahoma City office is also allowing us to support operations in Tulsa and Arkansas,” said Bridges. Recently, the Chamberlin Oklahoma office has undertaken projects for the Tulsa Public School system.


Bridges continued, “We’re here to make an impact on Oklahoma and the surrounding territories. The solid reputation of Chamberlin precedes us, but it is up to our team in Oklahoma City to live up to that reputation. And we are proving that we’re up to the challenge.”


For more information or consultation concerning any upcoming new construction or remedial projects in the Oklahoma area, call George Bridges at the Chamberlin Oklahoma City location: 405-680-0506 or 800-341-0934.