When working on the Mosaic high-rise condo project in Houston, Chamberlin was given an interesting challenge: paint the Mosaic emblem on the low-rise portion of their Modified Bitumen roof, and do it in time for their grand opening celebration.

Several factors made this an interesting challenge:

1. The paint used had to work in conjunction with the roofing system;

2. The paint colors had to match the emblem perfectly;

3. The emblem had to be centered on the roof, which was over a drain and vent stack;

4. The crew had a very small window of time to paint the emblem before the grand opening.

Working on Chamberlin's CAD System, Office Engineer, Eileen Steinbach, designed the plans and personally joined the crew to paint the emblem on the roof. "We went through several ideas with the owner. Among other things, we looked at colored roof pavers to create the logo. Ultimately, it was determined a tinted roof coating would be the best application," said Steinbach.

"It will be seen by every Mosaic resident in the towers on either side of this roof area, so it had to be perfect," Steinbach continued, "Paint seemed to be the medium that would allow us the freedom to create the logo with the most accuracy."

Steinbach along with Senior Project Manager Bill Lawson and Assistant Project Manager Marty Hensley, went above and beyond their normal call of duty. "This is the first time that we have been asked to perform a task of this nature," said Lawson, "it was challenging, but we were able to deliver exactly what the client expected."

The three-person work crew hand painted the Mosaic logo, which measured 15 feet in diameter, without the use of stencils or tape. And the logo will be seen for years to come since the roof coating has a ten year color and water tightness warranty. Chalk this up to another reason why you can expect "M"ore when working with Chamberlin.