Joe “Cookie” Kuchta

Field Operations Manager

Roof Maintenance & Leak Repair Department

Dallas, TX  

Joe is a bit of a practical jokester, but who wouldn’t be with a nickname like “Cookie.” Joking aside, Cookie doesn’t cut corners. As the Field Operations Manager for the Roof Maintenance and Leak Repair department in Dallas, Cookie has an outstanding work ethic and a tremendous knowledge of the trade.


Cookie has been in the construction industry for almost 30 years, 20 of which have been with Chamberlin. Before joining Chamberlin, he was a pre-cast erector as well as an architectural concrete patcher. In 1988, Joe went to work for Chamberlin’s former branch in Washington, D.C. He progressed his way through many waterproofing projects and eventually worked his way up to Superintendent. When an opening in the Dallas office came open, he made the move from Baltimore, MD to the “Big D”.

A Day In The Life:

Everyday is different in the Roof Maintenance and Leak Repair Department. Whether following up on leak reports from building owners and managers or overseeing a repair installation or training new employees, Cookie never crumbles under the pressure. “Looking back over the years at the employees that I have trained and helped grow with the company is very gratifying,” Cookie said. He considers the daily training and development of his employees as one of his greatest accomplishments at Chamberlin.


“I treat our clients like I would want to be treated,” Cookie says. “I try to do the best job possible - I want the work to be done right, because the quality of work reflects on Chamberlin and me.”

He has a keen ability to listen to a customer and analyze their needs,” says Maintenance Department Manager Frank Maitland, “he clearly explains their underlying water infiltration issues and works to meet their expectations.”

Outside the Office:

Cookie enjoys attending car and truck shows. He is currently restoring his wife Pat’s 1951 Studebaker and his own 1955 Chevrolet truck. He loves visiting his five grandchildren in North Carolina and taking weekend road trips with Pat.

Cookie’s Call:

Cookie sometimes has to make hard decisions, but these were easy:

Ketchup                      Mustard

Truck                           SUV

Mexican Food           Italian Food

Newspaper                Magazine

Indiana Jones            Star Wars