Mike Lawrence, Department Manager, Roof Maintenance & Leak Repair


Over the past 25 years Mike has developed a reputation for creative problem solving when finding and fixing leaks and restoring Houston buildings.  His experience and knowledge is apparent to all who have the privilege of working with Mike. He epitomizes Chamberlin’s commitment to being one source for roofing and waterproofing leak repairs.



Mike started his profession in waterproofing working on brick, block and other masonry facades.  In 1981, he began his career with Chamberlin as a waterproofing field mechanic. Mike’s service oriented personality and problem-solving ability made him the perfect candidate to respond to client needs for leak repair and maintenance. So, in 1985 he was given the opportunity to organize and develop a separate department within Chamberlin.  Since then, under Mike’s leadership, the Houston Roof Maintenance & Leak Repair Department has grown from a staff of one to a computerized service business completing some 2,500 plus projects a year.


A Day in the Life… 

As Mike manages the Roof Maintenance & Leak Repair estimating and operations in Houston, his day is usually packed with taking calls from sometimes panicked property owners and/or managers with leaking roofs, windows or walls, visiting sites to estimate the cost of repairs, and inspecting jobs in progress.  On average, the department receives ten leak repair calls and faxes a day, but that can change in a hurry.  During Tropical Storm Allison in June of 2001, Mike’s team received about 25 leak repair calls per hour! 



Mike and his team are fully committed to superior customer service.   “Service is our product, and our commitment is to provide the finest service possible,” he said.  “This goes beyond just making a quality repair, which is expected.  Once we receive an email, fax or phone call from our client, we take ownership of the problem.  Our goal is to save our clients’ time and handle the leak problems hassle-free with as little disruption to the building occupants as possible.”


Outside the Office…

When not working, Mike takes pleasure in traveling with his wife, Patti, and their two Boxers, Marvin and Dixie (to which their destination is often to see their three grandchildren).  He always has a “job in progress” around the house.  One of Mike’s favorite projects is his 4,000-gallon lily and goldfish pond, which called on his knowledge and skills in both masonry and waterproofing to build. He claims his creation doesn’t leak. One thing is for sure, if it does, he will find a way to fix it!