Miguel Pecina, Senior Superintendent

Roofing & Sheet Metal

Houston, TX 

 Miguel Pecina is as hard a worker and as determined a person as they come. Although he is too humble to toot his own horn, his co-workers don’t hesitate to sing his praises. They use words like motivated, dependable and leader to describe Miguel, and rightfully so.


Miguel has been in the roofing industry for 30 years, 15 of which have been with Chamberlin. “Miguel is a natural leader,” said Senior Project Manager, Bob Edwards, “He is firm but fair, and accepts nothing less than excellence from himself and his crews.” His hard work and excellence recently earned him The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress Certificate of Commendation for being a finalist in the roofing industry’s Most Valuable Player Awards in 2006. The certificate recognizes him for “outstanding performance and leadership in the roofing industry, contributing to personal and professional success and the high esteem in which he is held by his peers.” Fellow co-workers Miguel Lopez and Robert Quintero were also recognized with a Certificate of Merit.

Through the years at Chamberlin, Pecina has installed roofs of all different materials and sizes. A number of his projects have had contract values well in excess of $1,000,000. Some of the largest include the re-roof of Victoria Mall in Victoria, Texas and the space-ship-looking Fry’s Electronics near NASA. Additionally, he has worked on many new construction healthcare projects including Sugar Land Cancer Center, Heart and Vascular Hospital at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center and Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital.  You can currently find him managing his roofing crews on top of The Mosaic high-rise condominium and the Galveston National Laboratory.


Miguel focuses on getting the job right the first time. “I make sure our customers are always satisfied with every part of our work,” said Pecina. Recently, a customer was so satisfied with Miguel and his crew on a high-rise reroofing project for Wells Fargo Bank that she wrote the following in a thank you letter to Chamberlin, “This crew was professional, efficient, courteous, and did an excellent job throughout the duration of the project. [My Chief Engineer] tells me that over his 30 years in the industry he has never seen a crew with the work ethic and ‘can-do’ attitude that this crew had.”

“That speaks directly to his inward motivation and dedication to his work,” said Senior Project Manager, Bill Lawson, “Miguel always goes above and beyond his call of duty.”

Outside the Office:

Miguel enjoys spending time with his wife, Maria, and traveling to see family in Laredo, Texas. On weekends you will find him working around the house, taking Maria to dinner or simply relaxing.

Pecina’s Picks:

Coke                 Pepsi

Dogs                 Cats  (Both)

Fries                 Onion Rings

Chess               Checkers

NASCAR           Kentucky Derby