Chamberlin is a single source provider of roofing systems. Our services include new roof construction, reroofing and commercial re-covers. Additionally, we offer roofing restoration, proactive analysis and roof maintenance services. Whether Modified Bitumen, Single Ply, B.U.R., standing seam or any combination, Chamberlin has you covered.

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Hot-Applied Waterproofing and its application uses for Green Roofing


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Single Ply Roofing Membranes

- Mechanically Attached, Fully Adhered, Ballasted


Modified Bitumen Roofing Membranes

- Hot Applied, Cold Applied, Hot Air, Torched


Standing Seam/Metal Roofing

- Barrel
- Curved
- Straight

Built Up Roofing Membranes

- Asphalt: Hot Applied, Cold Applied


Clay Tile, Asphalt Shingles

- Mechanically Attached


Elastomeric Roof Coatings

- Silicone
- Urethane
- Acrylic


Roof Insulation

- Flat Stock
- Crickets
- Fully Tapered


Sheet Metal Fabrications and Installations

- Coping
- Flashing
- Counter Flashing
- Metal Wall Panels
- Gutters
- Collector Heads
- Downspouts
- Fascia
- Trim
- Soffits

Worker rolling out membrane
worker with modified roofing membrane and sheet metal