In the 40s, “The Ten Commandments” of the Chamberlin Man was developed as the guiding principles for Chamberlin’s sales force. As you can see from this vintage graphic, the Chamberlin Man was not only a snazzy dresser but also a knowledgeable, trustworthy source for service. In his day and age it was common for companies to stand for fair, personalized service.

The level of service and the values The Ten Commandments of the Chamberlin Man brings to the job aren’t as common in all businesses today, but they’re still the code that the Chamberlin team lives by.

·         Our entire staff works diligently and takes great pride in knowing our products, customers and the market.

·         We know that honesty is the best policy and shoot straight with our clients.

·         We try never to over commit. We work hard to follow up on any and all our promises by doing what we say we are going to do.

·         We do what it takes to win business. That is, developing relationships, offering fair pricing and bringing new ideas and solutions along with superior capabilities.

·         At Chamberlin, safety is more than just talk. It’s a way of life and an ongoing process of training and commitment.

·         We are “present” in the work that we do, paying attention to the details and it shows in the quality of the work we deliver.

·         We are loyal to each other and our clients. We’re a team, and by working together we deliver.


Though stated a little differently, the Chamberlin men and women of today still walk the walk of that sharp dressed “Chamberlin Man.” In fact, the brand of service we provide is very much that of a past era. Personal. Professional. Reliable. And while our client service is of a past era—the services, technologies and application techniques we bring to the job are some of the most advanced available. The marriage of the past and present is what makes Chamberlin both accountable and capable today as we celebrate 110 years in business.