When taking on a remedial construction project, a contractor often doesn’t know for sure what all the “unknowns” are. Meaning, it’s hard to predict what existing conditions will be behind the façade when it is removed. Fortunately, Chamberlin has completed many projects of this nature and has seen all kinds of conditions. Given our experience, even the most unimaginable of the unforeseen condition barely causes a stir. It’s all in a day’s work, and so it is at Bluffview Towers.

With a four month schedule, renovation of the Bluffview Towers property was fast-tracked for completion. The campus is made up of two office buildings and a parking garage near Dallas Love Field. Chamberlin has been performing leak repair services on the buildings for the last few years, so the company has a strong familiarity with the site. This along with Chamberlin’s capability to perform a large scale project of this kind productively, were just a couple reasons why Capstar Commercial Real Estate Services awarded the firm the $1,200,000 exterior renovation contract.

Building envelope architects and consultants, Conley Group, investigated the mid-rise towers and parking garage and created the documents and specifications to eliminate the property’s water infiltration problems. Chamberlin has worked with Conley Group on several other major exterior envelope renovation projects including the J. Erik Jonsson Central Dallas Library remediation in 2006.

Because the towers are surrounded by a one-level below-grade parking garage, Chamberlin had limited means of access to the buildings’ exterior. “Utilizing personnel lifts was not a good option for the exterior work,” said Project Manager Andy Wharton, “because it would require additional shoring and extra time that we didn’t have.”

Instead, customized outriggers were engineered, fabricated and installed specifically for this project to allow for easier and faster access via suspended scaffolding. This customized system also saved the owner about 60 percent as compared to the cost of other access methods.

The Chamberlin team removed the existing sealan and recaulked all masonry control joints and window perimeters on the seven-story and four-story buildings. Chamberlin crews also replaced brick and tuckpointed approximately 50 percent of the buildings, as well as cleaned and sealed the exterior façade. In the garage they removed and replaced all control and expansion joints and patched over 11,000 sq. ft. of topping slab that was spalled, cracked and all together worn.

“Many of us have worked with Chamberlin in the past and are very aware of the quality of their work,” said Judy Heard, CPM, Vice President and General Manager at Capstar. Chamberlin completed repair work at Capstar’s Mockingbird Garage in Dallas last year as well as routine roof maintenance and leak repair services on several of their properties.

“You cannot have a successful project without a great crew,” said Wharton. Site Superintendent, Pedro Gutierrez, has been supervising multiple crews working on the ground and in the air on each side of the towers simultaneously. “This feat is not easily achieved, but Pedro makes it look easy,” Wharton added.

“Chamberlin has provided extremely good workmanship and supervision,” said Heard. “We think we are fortunate to have assembled the ‘A Team’ and we expect to have a great project at the end of the day.”