KinderCare Child Learning Center is a daycare company that provides early childhood educational services needed to build a child’s critical thinking skills. The KinderCare Company was founded in 1969 and operates over 1,244 learning centers throughout the United States . It is the largest professional private daycare company in the nation for children ranging from six-weeks to 12-years of age. These 1,244 daycare facilities are located in 39 states, and Texas leads the count with 108 followed closely by California with 103. 

Early in 1999, the Chamberlin office in Houston had the opportunity to meet with KinderCare Child Learning Centers. KinderCare’s Mr. Dave Seiter, Senior Tech Representative, who is responsible for over 180 facilities in Texas and New Mexico . Mr. Seiter was dealing with a number of issues regarding the proper maintenance of roof systems at KinderCare Centers in Texas . KinderCare was utilizing multiple roofing contractors to maintain their roofs which had, in too many instances, resulted in poor response time, dirty job sites, unacceptable workmanship and poor communication. Mr. Seiter had heard about Chamberlin’s Roof Maintenance and Leak Repair department from a colleague. 

A meeting was held with one of Chamberlin’s Project Managers, Ed LaMont, to discuss and understand the services that the KinderCare Company desired, and to communicate Chamberlin’s Roof Maintenance and Leak Repair Department’s capabilities. Subsequent to the meeting, an agreement was reached for Chamberlin to begin working with KinderCare on a trial basis. The first assignment that Chamberlin received was to stop leaks at three different facilities that had been left unresolved despite several attempts by other roofing contractors. In short order, Chamberlin’s leak repair technicians located the problem leaks and made permanent repairs. Chamberlin’s timely response, professional approach and commitment to getting results began a relationship which continues stronger today. 

Like many of Chamberlin’s clients, KinderCare wants and needs an immediate response to active roof leaks in their facilities. The KinderCare facilities were built over a period of years, and there are a number of different types of roof systems from shingles to BUR to single ply and more. Depending on the severity of the roof leaks, a Chamberlin technician is dispatched to the facility to determine what temporary repairs can be made to slow or stop the water infiltration. 

While at the site, Chamberlin’s technicians work to determine the source of the leak. Chamberlin’s roof repair maintenance technicians are trained on the proper procedures for all types of roof systems. Permanent repairs are scheduled and completed once weather and schedule permits. The exact scope of work required to stop the leaks is often unknown. Much of the time the leak repair work is completed in a service arrangement method with KinderCare paying only for the actual hours and materials utilized. Mr. Seiter said, “Chamberlin’s attention to detail and quick response time to our roofing needs by Ed LaMont and Chamberlin’s Roof Maintenance and Leak Repair team has been excellent. Chamberlin is always responsive in getting technicians to the facilities quickly and finding and fixing the problem. I would recommend and have recommended Chamberlin to anyone who seeks a professional roofing contractor.”

Today, as Chamberlin visits a new facility, a roof survey is completed providing detail regarding the type of roof, approximate age, and an estimate on the next three years maintenance needs. Also, with KinderCare’s approval all preventive maintenance required for the subject roof system is scheduled and completed. Since some of the roof systems are at their useful service life limits, the existing roofs are being removed and replaced. Other roofs, which will need to be replaced in the next one to three years, are being budgeted for replacement with Chamberlin’s assistance. Chamberlin’s recent reroofs for KinderCare have been completed by removing the existing roof system and replacing with a Firestone modified bitumen roof system, which carries a 12-year labor and material warranty. Since Chamberlin has been given the Firestone Master Contractor Award for eight consecutive years for quality workmanship, KinderCare is assured of a high quality roof system at a competitive price.


Currently, Chamberlin is providing leak repair, roof maintenance and reroofing services for KinderCare in Houston, Dallas, Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio and plans to continue going and growing in Texas where ever we are needed by KinderCare.

Not so long ago, Dave Seiter dreaded rainy days because of all the leak calls he would get from his facilities directors. Today, he is confident that unresolved leaks are a thing of the past due to Chamberlin’s Roof Maintenance and Leak Repair department. “We now have a handle on our worst roofs and currently we are following a proactive roof maintenance program to extend the service lives of our remaining roofs,” said Mr. Seiter.