Abel Flores Superintendent – Waterproofing & Caulking 


Houston, TX

 Abel is one of the luckiest people we know. When he enters an office pool or submits a bracket for March Madness he almost always comes out a winner. Some call it luck, he calls it skill. Luckily for Chamberlin, coming up with winning basketball brackets is not the only skill Abel has.



It was 1985 when Abel first began his career installing waterproofing and caulking systems at Chamberlin. By 1998 he worked his way up to a job site foreman then was promoted to superintendent a few years later. Though his background is in sealants and remedial construction, he has become a well rounded superintendent that knows the ins and outs of both new and retrofit projects from below-grade waterproofing to garden roofs. During his tenure at Chamberlin he has worked on both large and small jobs from parking garages to luxury condominiums and high rise office buildings. Most recently he completed the Hurricane Ike remediation of 5000 Montrose at the Museum Condominiums in Houston and is currently working on the new Fort Bend County Courthouse.



“Abel is a very goal-oriented person,” said Chamberlin Executive Vice President, Art Canales, “He pays attention to the details and tackles problems head on.”


But, Abel knows success is not attainable without a strong team. “I like spending time with my waterproofing crew teaching them about the products they are applying and why,” said Abel. The “why” part of the equation is significant to Abel because it explains the importance and necessity of the waterproofing work he and his team are performing.


Outside the Office:

Abel loves to barbecue. When he is not barbecuing, he is talking about it, and when he is not talking about it, he is thinking about it. He is a third degree member of the Knights of Columbus Council 803, and often participates in cook-offs with his brother Knights. His team recently won first place for chicken, first place for chili and second place for brisket at University of Houston’s annual Frontier Fiesta cook-off.


We asked Abel to choose from this list of random items to help us learn a little more about him:

Abel’s Absolutes:

                • Hotdog or Burger
                • Hunting or Fishing – Every time I can!
                • Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro
                • Domestic or Import
                • Snail Mail or Email