Employee Profile - Randy Brashier

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Randy Brashier
Senior Project Manager – Roofing & Sheet Metal
Houston, TX


Red isn’t just a color here at Chamberlin, it’s also a person. When someone says ‘Red’, we know they are talking about the one and only Randy Brashier. (It might have something to do with his hair color.)


Randy enjoys all things construction, so when he was asked by an acquaintance in his younger days to work with him at a roofing company, Randy jumped on the opportunity and never looked back. Using his previous experience, he joined Chamberlin 16 years ago as a Superintendent and over the years, has worked his way up to Senior Project Manager., Matter of fact, he considers his recent promotion to Senior Project Manager one of his greatest work accomplishments.

“Randy’s work ethic and roofing knowledge in the field made him a tremendous asset to our project management team and one of the key contributors to the success of our roofing department as a whole,” said Art Canales, Executive Vice President.

A Day in the Life:

If you were to shadow Randy throughout the day, you would find him managing multiple roofing projects to make sure they are being performed safely and productively with a quality installation. He believes it is necessary to be productive on all projects in order to make the company as successful as it can be. A few noteworthy projects that have kept him busy over the years include the L’Auberge du Lac Casino in Louisiana, Jennie Sealy Hospital in Galveston and the San Jacinto College – Science and Allied Health Center in Houston.


Randy believes customer service is an absolute necessity. He strives to make his clients’ needs a top priority. He has found that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer and will bring new clients to Chamberlin by word-of-mouth. Randy also focuses on safety with his team. He sets a goal every day to ensure the crew members go home to their families at night unharmed. One childhood lesson Randy still lives by today and has helped him in his career, is “To be honest and treat people like I want to be treated.”

Outside the office:

When Randy is not at the office, you will catch him working on some type of project around his house. He likes to build things and enjoys doing all sorts of carpentry work. He and his wife, Debbie, also like to take camping trips from time to time to get away from the city and relax.


  • Salt Water – Fresh Water (fishing)
  • John Wayne – Tom Cruise
  • Books – Movies
  • Liquor – Beer
  • Khaki – Denim