Employee Profile - Megan Deitschel

Posted by on: January 4, 2022 7 PM

Megan Deitschel





Megan Deitschel

Marketing Coordinator 

Austin, Texas


Working for Chamberlin was Megan's introduction to the A/E/C industry. She took a leap of faith and applied for a position at Chamberlin, and they took a leap of faith in hiring her. It has been a learning experience for her from that moment.

Safety always comes first for Megan. Part of her job is to visit jobsites to capture photos and videos of Chamberlin's work. Sometimes that requires her climbing scaffolding or gaining roof access. While there, she only gets a glimpse of what the field endures every day, but it is clear safety must be the top priority for everyone to return home at the end of the day. 

Favorite part of Chamberlin:
Megan enjoys her fellow employees the most at Chamberlin. Not only are they a great group to spend a lot of time with, but she can truly be herself around them. She believes they all work great as one team.

Outside the office:
She enjoys doing anything with her dog Sadie and boyfriend Josh. She also likes to paint, travel, camp, explore wineries and snow ski. 

Advice from mom:
"Kill them with kindness." Her mom taught her that from a young age. Never bring your own character down because of someone else's actions. Great advice. 

We asked Megan to choose her favorites from this random list of things as a way to get to know her a little better:

Zoo or Aquarium

Tea or Coffee

Seinfeld or The Office

Bacon or Sausage

Action Movies or Dramas

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