Bob Edwards Operations Manager - Roofing & Sheet Metal, Austin, TX


“Bob has always had an amazing work ethic and determination,” said Chamberlin Executive Vice President, Art Canales. Having a great work ethic and problem solving skills are just a couple of the many reasons why Bob is such a great asset to the Chamberlin team. He is also a walking thesaurus and is handy to have around if one is ever short for words.
Bob began his career in the construction industry by starting his own residential and commercial roofing business in Wyoming in 1983. Seventeen years later he sold his business and returned to his hometown of Houston where he began working for Chamberlin in 2000. Planning to work for a short period of time until he could start a small business in Houston, Bob realized he enjoyed the opportunities and challenges and has been with Chamberlin ever since.
Bob was transferred to Chamberlin’s Austin location in 2011 and is serving as their Roofing Operations Manager. He is a knowledgeable leader and has managed a number of large roofing projects at notable locations such as Texas Children’s Hospital, Lackland Air Force Base and Reliant Park after it was damaged by Hurricane Ike.
A Day in the Life:
You can find Bob on project sites meeting with general contractors and building owners to ensure all work is going according to plan. His daily duties consist of working with clients to better understand and meet their needs and to relay those needs to the Chamberlin team so everyone is on the same page. Bob excels at proactively finding solutions to problems so as to avert delays.
One of the most important things to Bob is keeping his word, “I believe that we should say what we will do and then do what we say. Do every job to the best of our ability and be proud to put our name on it.” He treats Chamberlin as if it were his own business, being 100-percent dedicated to all clients. He learned early on that the best advertisement is by word of mouth, and that character is ultimately judged by how good a person’s word is.
Outside the office:
Bob has been a committed member of the Elks Lodge for 25 years and a past Exalted Ruler two times, which explains where he gets his great leadership skills and penchant for soliloquies. Having lived in Wyoming for nearly 20 years, Bob can tell you a story or two about the hunting and fishing trips he enjoys taking so often. And, he would be glad to inform you on how many men it takes to haul a buffalo back to camp.

We asked Bob to choose his favorites from this list of random things as a way to get to know him a little better:


  • Goofy or Pluto
  • Science Fiction or Action Adventure
  • Gold or Silver
  • ESPN or ABC Sports
  • Beef or Pork – BEEF!